Digital currency is a kind of a digital coin that you can send over the internet, these coins represent values that are not issued by the banks or governments, but is accepted by people as a means of payment or services.

Digital currency has many advantages as compared to other alternatives. Traditional banks charge fees to process monetary transactions, this increases the cost of everything you buy. Digital currency can be sent to person to person, Business to Business without going through a bank. There is no transfer through banks, no transaction fees needed, your account does not freeze, and there are no arbitrary limits.

Crypto Currency

Digital coins are stored in a digital wallet, cloud wallet and can be traded on a digital currency exchange for other currencies in the US dollar, Euros and many other.

Mining: Individuals called miners secure the digital currencies network. Miners are rewarded newly generated bitcoins for verifying transactions.

Public Ledger: The public ledger records the transactions of the digital currencies.

Buy and sell coins:

Depending on the cryptocurrencies graph you can choose to sell your coins when they are at a high value and buy them when they are at a lower value.

There are many cryptocurrency gambling sites where you play games and gamble using crypto coins.

The word gambling is broad spectrum; depending on your definition of gambling one can decide if Digital coins are gambling or not. All these years the word gambling was mostly related to casinos, poker, sports betting, etc.

At the end of the day, the question of is cryptocurrency gambling or is it just investing; all depends on the way we want it to be. Someone might have a wide amount of knowledge about digital currency, wallets, bitcoins, mining, etc. and would have had great experience on the ways to invest cryptocurrencies and know when the graphs of these digital coins fall and raise; to such people Cryptocurrencies might not be gambling, they would probably call it investing just like people invest in stock markets. While another person with no idea about digital coins will want to put their money in digital coins just because they heard from somewhere that Digital coins are raising to high values. They must have been gambling over other fields like casinos, Sports betting, etc.; thus having the feeling that cryptocurrencies are such a type of gambling.

Some may say cryptocurrencies is gambling because you buy digital coins and depending on the rise or fall of the graph they get their money back, yet some others might not call this gambling because you are not quite sure of the outcomes of cryptocurrencies. The bottom line is everything in life is a risk or a gamble. It just depends on how to take it. Cryptocurrencies are very new and very few people know about the concept of digital coins. The future of digital coins is unpredictable and calling cryptocurrencies a gamble or investment is just a personal choice of each.